Corporate Social Responsibility

EYSA has established five major areas in which defined a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Governance and transparency

Governance and transparency

Consolidate a model of excellence in management based on values EYSA , among which the dialogue with our stakeholders : customers, clients , suppliers and employees .


We are committed to the principles of equal opportunity for each of our professionals, both in the selection process , and access to internal promotion , criteria of evaluation, development , talent and dedication to work , also in view gender equality . As an important part of the integration of social responsibility into the company culture , we apply the policy of transparency and transmission of values.


We support the integration of groups at risk of exclusion.


Our goal is to develop innovative projects that are able to implement the concept of sustainability in every one of the activities of the company and especially in the services we provide to our customers.

Suppliers and customers

We care and we enhance the relationship and communication with our customers and suppliers for one part to be in the forefront of the solutions we provide to the needs of the same , as suppliers , key in the value chain of our services . An intrinsic part of this policy to respect the law and respect for human and labor rights.